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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Step-by-step Green Smoothie

Initial Reaction to Green Smoothies

All folks physically cringe when I describe a glorious green smoothie. And some even audibly voice their disapproval with out loud gagging noises.

But, most take a sip when offered one, especially if they watch me drink mine first.

And then they chug the entire glassful when given the "okay" to do so.

After I explain a few health benefits, they often ask me how to make green smoothies at-home...

Reported Benefits of Green Smoothies

I would say that 9 out of 10 persons I have tempted to try one of these concoctions, continues to make and chug these nutrient-dense green drinks. Reported health benefits and improvements in my circle of green smoothie drinkers include:

increased energy
diminished food cravings
quicker recovery from physical exertion 
hair, darker & thicker
skin, softer & smoother
weight loss
lowered cholesterol
seasonal allergy relief
increase in general well-being
lowered blood sugar levels
and on 
and on

For an introduction to green smoothies, click here.
And for more ideas and recipes, click here.

Making a Green Smoothie 

1. 2 cups of water

2. add large amounts of greens (I fill to near the top)

pictured here: pink chard, yellow chard, lambs quarters (yes, it is a weed)

3. blend to smooth

a hi-speed, hi-power blender (i.e. K-tec or VitaMix) works best as you want to break open the actual cell walls of the greens

4. add frozen fruit (about 2 cups)

I often use blueberries or strawberries; add in a frozen banana if you are new at it and like a creamy texture akin to a shake

5. blend to smooth

add-in some other goodies like ground flax, hemp seeds...or for sweetness, add-in a couple of dates or a dollop of honey/agave/brown rice syrup

6. drink!

not all green smoothies are green when done--but the green nutrients are packed to the rim!

Why not give it a whirl?! Yeah, pun intended. Blend yourself up a nice glass of nutrients...

By the time breakfast is done, my family has met the standard daily recommended servings of fruits & veggies! Soon, I will post the rest of our general breakfast menu, complete with photos... 

whole wheat scones
strawberry sauce
fruit salad


deb said...

nice looking site, balanced with good info and pictures . I think exploring eating options is a responsible part of parenting. I commend you on how much work this takes.

now .. off to make a salad...

~Alison~ said...

I'd love to try to add these to my daily diet. I'd love to curb my cravings so I can even attempt to manage to lose weight!

I've never noticed greens at my local supermarket though. (I never really looked for them either.) I'll have to see where I can find some.

I'm hosting a giveaway for a $40 gift certificate to CSN Stores....check out my blog to enter:

Christy said...

I make a smoothie almost everyday, not quite as green but I always put some greens in them. My blender would never handle all the greens.